HOUSE ORGAN - Anthony Cairns

P.D. Collins and EOS11 I have a house organ by Peter Collins which was completed in June 2000. Peter's "EOS" range of practice organs was inspired by the first instrument he built for Margaret Phillips and her English Organ School.

[Left: Peter Collins after voicing the new organ in my music-room. Below: Chris Jordan and Mark Briscoe regulating the keyboard action.] Jordan and Briscoe install EOS11

It is No.11 in the "EOS" series which Peter Collins has designed and built, and is not only beautiful to hear and to look at, but also very responsive in touch and enables the serious practice of a surprisingly wide repertoire of organ music, with just 4 registers (I: Chimney Flute 8 + Gemshorn 4; II: Stopped Wood 8 + Recorder 2; Ped: Chimney Flute 8 + Gemshorn 4 + Recorder 2 by transmission; tremulant to the whole instrument by hitchdown pedal; shove coupler II/I).

[Link to HNB organ at Christ Church, Leatherhead.]

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